Our calming and relaxing environment aids to assist with living a pain free, healthy, and active lifestyle. We not only want you to feel better while you are in the office but when you leave providing you with new tools for enhanced self treatment.


Relieve pain, increase mobility, and overall body function

Assist with your respiratory system and your integumentary system also known as your skin.


Myofascial Per Session
60 minute session$80
90 minute session$115
120 minute session$150
Myofascial Release Packages
(3) 60 minute session$225
(3) 90 minute session$330
(5) 60 minute session$370
(5) 90 minute session$545
(10) 60 minute session$730
(10) 90minute session$1,080
Salt & Sound Booth
1 session$25
2 person session$40
5 session package$115
10 session package$220
Myofascial Release & Salt Therapy Packages

60 minute MFR and Salt Therapy Package

1 MFR session + 1 Salt treatment$100
3 MFR sessions + 3 Salt treatments$285
5 MFR session + 5 Salt treatments$470
10 MFR session + 10 Salt treatments$930

90 minute MFR and Salt Therapy Package

1 MFR session + 1 Salt treatment$135
3 MFR sessions + 3 Salt treatments$390
5 MFR session + 5 Salt treatments$645
10 MFR session + 10 Salt treatments$1,280

About Us

Tonia Esparza was born in Rhode Island. In 2007, she found her way to the Rio Grande Valley after completing an Occupational Therapy Assistant Certificate program at Houston, Texas. Tonia has been practicing the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach since 2012. She received her massage therapy license in 2013 to further her practice in Myofascial Release. She has taken multiple John F. Barnes courses and trained in his treatment facilities to increase her understanding, awareness, and techniques.

As a licensed massage therapist, Tonia has been able to impact the lives of many individuals in the Rio Grande Valley. Reconnection Myofascial Release & Wellness LLC was formed with the GOAL of using the Myofascial Release Approach in order to help individuals recuperate their active and healthy lifestyle by relieving pain, tension, and stress.

In 2016 Tonia had her first experience with Salt Therapy. The benefits of Salt Therapy have made her excited to bring Salt Therapy to the Rio Grande Valley.


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