What is

Myofascial Release?

The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release approach applies gentle sustained pressure to facial restrictions that form in the body. This light pressure with extended time allows the fascia to correct, relieve pain, and increase the mobility of muscles. The main goal for myofascial release is to be able to increase motion, decrease pain, and increase body functions.

Myofascial Release is performed on skin with no lotions or oils. This allows the therapist to engage to the fascia and elongate to release the restrictions

What is

Fascia & Fascia Restrictions?

Fascia is connective tissue that covers the whole body in a three dimensional continuous web connecting our whole body together. The fascia is able to seperate body parts such as muscles, nerves, organs, bones and vessels; as well is able to stabilize and support the structures. Fascia is mostly made of collagen along with elastin and ground substance. This allows for a strong stable foundation to provide tension and able to have elasticity for more movement. The ground substance helps with shock absorption. The three combined together gives us the ability to move, function, and stabilize.

Restrictions can happen from physical or emotional trauma, scars, inflammation and injury. The fascia binds down and pulls together losing the elasticity and causes 2,000 pounds a pressure per square inch. This crushes the whole body system and impacts the whole body as it pulls on the continuous web of fascia through the body. These fascial restrictions can apply excessive pressure which cause symptoms such as; pain, headaches, limited movement, and decrease function.

MRI, CT scans, and other tests do not detect fascial restrictions, associated pains and decrease movements. Many patients suffering from fascial restrictions are incorrectly diagnosed, over medicated, and left with unanswered questions.

Who Would Benefit From Myofascial Release

Those With

Back pain
Sport injuries
Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Plantar Fasciitis
Neck Pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Bladder Problems
Birth Injuries
Cervical/Lumbar injuries
Emotional Trauma
Frozen Shoulder
Pelvic pain
Women's Health
Restricted Movement


Per session
60 minute session$80
90 minute session$115
120 minute session$150
Myofascial Release Packages
(3) 60 minute session$225
(3) 90 minute session$330
(5) 60 minute session$370
(5) 90 minute session$545
(10) 60 minute session$730
(10) 90minute session$1,080
Myofascial Release & Salt Therapy Packages

60 minute MFR and Salt Therapy Package

1 MFR session + 1 Salt treatment$100
3 MFR sessions + 3 Salt treatments$285
5 MFR session + 5 Salt treatments$470
10 MFR session + 10 Salt treatments$930

90 minute MFR and Salt Therapy Package

1 MFR session + 1 Salt treatment$135
3 MFR sessions + 3 Salt treatments$390
5 MFR session + 5 Salt treatments$645
10 MFR session + 10 Salt treatments$1,280

All packages are valid for one year from the date purchased. After that date they will expire. No cash value. Myofascial packages may be shared with immediate family members only. Salt room packages are for one person use only.