What is

Salt Therapy?

Dry Salt Therapy

Dry Salt Therapy is also known as Halotherapy. This uses a halogenerator to release 99.99% pure sodium chloride in the air by grinding and crushing into particles. The particles are then spread into the air and able to assist with your respiratory system and your integumentary system also known as your skin.

Dry salt therapy works in 3 ways. Its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and super absorbent. When you breath the salt particles into your respiratory system helps to absorb toxins, allergens, and other substances. The salt helps inflammation, open airways, dissolve bacteria, clears and loosens the respiratory tract. When the salt hits the skin the particles can pull moisture toward the salt is able to absorb to the skin and below. The salt improves skin and helps regenerate new skin. Bacteria is absorbed by the salt as it lands on the skin.

Who Would Benefit From Dry Salt Therapy

Salt therapy has many benefits including improving the immune system, detoxifying the respiratory system, and better skin.

It helps with these conditions as well:

Anxiety & Stress
Ear Infections

Hay Fever
Skin Aging
Sleep & Snoring Problems

Swelling & Inflammation
Common Cold
Cystic Fibrosis
Dry & Flaky Skin

Smokers Cough

Salt and Sound Booth Ⓡ

Our facility provides a Salt and Sound Booth Ⓡ. This booth not only provides halotherapy (dry salt therapy) but also provides Sonotherapy which is sound therapy and Chromotherapy which is color therapy.



Vibroacoustic therapy produces vibrations from sound. These vibrations are then directed to the body. Sound travels better through water than air and our bodies are 70% water, which means the sound will be able to stimulate the body more effectively. Because it is mostly made of water the body is vibrating all the time and at different rates. Music and sound is also able to able to change its frequencies or vibrations. When the vibrations from the body and sound are combined together they are able to bring the body into a heightened state for healing.

Here at Reconnection Myofascial Release & Wellness LLC we use headsets to listen to Frequency Infused Music tm. This playlist guides through vibracoustic therapy and meditation.

Benefits of Sonotherapy

Increased Circulation
Increased Energy

Decreased Pain
Improved Body Functions

Increased Mobility


Chromotherapy also known as color therapy uses color and light. The color and light bring homeostasis using specific areas and acupoints to the body. Everything around us has color and everything living needs light to exist. Colors are able to run through us in our muscles, nerves, and cells as it shines through our auras and radiates to the sun. When our bodies are not able to maintain homeostasis our bodies are out of balance and disease occurs. The color and light has its own vibrations and help bring our bodies back in balance.

Benefits of Chromotherapy

Decrease Inflammation
Mood Regulation
Decrease Tension

Pain Relief
Improved Sleep

Increased Movement
Increase Circulation


Salt & Sound Booth
1 session$25
2 person session$40
5 session package$115
10 session package$220
Myofascial Release & Salt Therapy Packages

60 minute MFR and Salt Therapy Package

1 MFR session + 1 Salt treatment 
3 MFR sessions + 3 Salt treatments 
5 MFR session + 5 Salt treatments 
10 MFR session + 10 Salt treatments 

90 minute MFR and Salt Therapy Package

1 MFR session + 1 Salt treatment 
3 MFR sessions + 3 Salt treatments 
5 MFR session + 5 Salt treatments 
10 MFR session + 10 Salt treatments 

Call for Myofascial Pricing

All packages are valid for one year from the date purchased. After that date they will expire. No cash value. Myofascial packages may be shared with immediate family members only. Salt room packages are for one person use only.